Nature Journaling


A recent page from Scott James’ journal

No doubt the best way to strengthen your relationship with the natural world is to keep a simple nature journal. There is a small element of discipline to begin, and the ability to forgive yourself for sketches that fall short of an imaginary perfection, but you will soon discover that even the crudest efforts take on a significance for you, when you look back on them in months and years to come.

Slowly but steadily your observational skills will increase, and your drawings will improve. It’s possible that you’ll discover a hidden artistic talent, and start to experiment with different media – like the watercolor additions in the photograph, something that has morphed from colored pencil, to watercolor pencil, to watercolor sketches.

And no matter what, you will be creating a document that is utterly and absolutely yours; something no one else has ever seen.

Here’s a great link: John Muir Laws

The journal page is from local artist Scott James.

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The natural outdoor world is exciting, restorative, and infinitely fascinating. More people should spend time there!
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